The Minnesota Honey Producers Association (MHPA) is a non-profit organization made up of commercial and hobby beekeepers. The goal of the organization is to promote the use of honey and to provide a better understanding of the role of honeybees throughout the Midwest. The organization was founded in 1907, and is one of the largest in the United States today. The MHPA is one of the founding fathers of the Minnesota Agricultural Society.
MHPA exposure to the public is mainly at the Minnesota State Fair, where honey recipes are handed out in the horticulture building. To enter honey or a food category for competition, you can pick up copies of the "Bee and Horticulture" book at our annual conference or go to the MN State Fair Website at Volunteers work with live bees and do extracting demonstrations. Information is available about beekeeping and pollination throughout the exhibit area and personal conversations can be taken up at the Information Booth at the State Fair. It is important for all people to realize how the honeybee helps farmers, gardeners and the backyard apple tree. The "BEEHIVE" area has many kinds of honey for sale from all over and offers the most delicious honey ice cream and honey lemonade to quench your thirst while you are at the fair. The MHPA Promotion, Education, and Public Relations Committee and the Minnesota Honey Queen Committee work together to become ambassadors for the organization to help save the honeybee. For more information about the program or to find out how to enter the contest you can go to the Minnesota Honey Queen Program Page. (You do not have to be in a beekeeping family to try out.)
The organization holds an educational conference once a year (July) to bring members up to date on the new developments, techniques of beekeeping, research projects or results, and any legislative changes. They hold their annual business meeting in conjunction with the conference. During the educational conference each year, one lucky lady is crowned Minnesota Honey Queen and "The Bobble Bee Award is also presented annually to an outstanding beekeeper and his/her family for their support and hard work in the organization. Their conferences usually offer something for the whole family. To better educate the public the MHPA will sometimes add an outstanding event called the "Kids and Bee Expo" with hands on activities and resource materials that promote the use of honey or hive products from Minnesota. Many members are available for demonstrations or educational discussions. To request someone go to the Contact Us Page. In addition, some regional groups meet periodically for specific interest in their region.
A newsletter called "The Minnesota Beekeeper" is printed three times annually and is available to anyone who wishes to join as a member. Advertising is also available in our newsletter. Go to the Contact Us page. An insert from the editor of the magazine is provided on our Home Page.
Feel free to spend some time on our Kids Page and play some of the games. Or copy a recipe from our recipe file and make a new recipe so you can experience something new. The MHPA members are sure "the taste of honey" will satisfy every craving for something sweet.
If you have comments about our website or would like more information please go to our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.