Daniel Whitney
Ottertail, MN

Dan has been a commercial beekeeper and a member of the Minnesota Honey Producers since 1994.  He and his family reside in Ottertail, MN, which is also home base for Dan's Honey Company.  He manages 1300 colonies, produces honey in Minnesota, winters bees in Texas where he also produces NUCs and queens, and pollinates almonds in California. He was elected President of the Minnesota Honey Producers Association in 2013.

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Vice President

Elizabeth Schroeder
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Jeff Dankey
P.O. Box 81
Navarre, MN. 55392


Sara Keskey Rufer
17500 -64th Street Southwest
P. O. Box 336
Cokato, MN 55321



Rebecca Masterman

Rebecca first worked for the UMN Bee Lab as an undergraduate in 1992, and returned in 2012 as the Bee Squad’s Associate Program Director and Coordinator. She graduated from UMN Twin Cities with a BA (major in history, minor in biology) and then obtained a Ph.D. in Entomology studying the neuroethology of honey bee hygienic behavior under the direction of Dr. Marla Spivak.

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Dave Schroeder (2016)
11133 Louisiana Ct. W.
Champlin, MN. 55316

Dave and his wife reside in Champlin, MN, where he runs a pollination and honey business. He keeps 200+ colonies of bees in Minnesota and Wisconsin and sends colonies to California each year for almond pollination. Introduced to beekeeping many years ago by his future brother-in-law George Piechowski, Dave learned every aspect of beekeeping firsthand, from pulling honey supers to repairing bee equipment. After completing the Beginner Beekeeper Class at the UMN in 2006, Dave and his daughter Elizabeth started a hobby with 14 hives, which quickly grew into a sideliner operation of 200 plus colonies. Dave is not only active with the MN Honey Producers but the Wisconsin Honey Producers and the American Beekeeping Federation as well. He is also a member of the MN Hobby Beekeepers Association where he served on the board and as president for 2010 and 2011. 

Ike Strohmayer (2014)
19909 State Hwy 1
Togo, MN. 55723

Ike and his wife Donella have been members of the MN Honey Producers since 1990, proudly serving in whatever capacity that they were needed. While in college at St John’s Abby/University in the mid-60’s, Ike got his first hives. His beekeeping operation has grown to between 60 and 150 colonies in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota where he and Donella have lived since the early ‘70s. Ike has met the challenges of overwintering in the Togo MN area firsthand and has learned to be thankful for the good times and gracious in the hard times.

Bert Honl (2015)
33881 State Hwy 22
Gaylord, MN. 55334

Bert has been a lifelong beekeeper and started taking over operation of the family business in 2003.  Honl's Bees was started by his grandpa in 1924 and was passed on to his dad and uncle. Currently, Bert along with his dad and brother, manage 7,000 hives in the southern half of Minnesota.  Honl’s Bees produces honey in Minnesota, winters the bees and produces queens in Texas, pollinates almonds in California, and sells NUCs and hives to hobbyists and other beekeepers.  Bert has been a member of Minnesota Honey Producers for the past 12 years and has been a director the past 3 years.

Director at Large

Jeff Hull
PO Box 371
Battle Lake, MN. 56515

Jeff is a 3rd generation commercial beekeeper from west central Minnesota where he and his brother operate Hull’s Apiaries. He has been a member of the Minnesota Honey Producers for over 20 years and has served in several different positions ranging from a director to President. Hull’s Apiaries produces Minnesota Hygienic Queens and works closely with Dr. Marla Spivak from the University of Minnesota. Jeff is also a 25-year member in the Sue Bee Honey Cooperative and has served on the Board of Directors for Sue Bee Honey for the past 13 years.


Mark and Tanya Sundberg
19047 345th St.
Erhard, MN. 56534

Mark is a fourth generation beekeeper from Fergus Falls, MN. He currently runs around 5,000 colonies, migrates to Mississippi in the fall, and sends bees to California for the almond pollination in February.  Mark has been involved in the Minnesota Hygienic Queen program for several years and sells mostly queen cells from the Mississippi location.  He is currently the editor of the Minnesota Beekeeper and has served the MHPA as Vice President from 2000-2004.  


Mann Lake Ltd.-Brenda Bray
501 1st St.
Hackensack, MN. 56452-2589

Brenda has been with Mann Lake for over 18 years and has worked with MHPA throughout those years on various projects from the meetings held in Walker, events for the meetings here at Mann Lake and now as the designer of the newsletter. Her main responsibilities at Mann Lake are the catalog and website so working on the MHPA newsletter is a perfect fit.


Joseph Coffey
2420 O'Meara Court
Burnsville, MN. 55306

Joseph has been a beekeeper for the past seven years. He and his wife manage C&C Apiaries, LLC. Joseph has a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, is a Senior Member of IEEE, and has extensive experience in science, mathematics, and network communications. He is currently pursuing his Midwest Master Beekeeping Certification as well as a Masters Degree in Entomology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Graduate Certification in Beekeeping from the University of Maryland..

Advisory Council Members

If you have an inquiry regarding the MHPA or beekeeping in general, please contact the regional advisor closest to your area.

Region 1: NE: Sam Stewart: Carlton, MN (2015)
Region 2: NW: Kathy Monda: E Grand Forks, MN (2016)
Region 3: Lake: Bob Morlock: Fargo, ND (2014)
Region 4: W. Cent.: Milt Eiden: Holdingford, MN (2015)
Region 5: E. Cent.: Emily Campbell: Aitkin, MN (2016)
Region 6: Metro: Ellen Coffey: Burnsville, MN (2017)
Region 7: S. Cent.: Terry Rufer: Buffalo, MN (2015)
Region 8: SW: Chuck Hendryck: Lafayette, MN (2016)
Region 9: SE: Ted Sennes: (2014)

Education Advisor

Dr. Marla Spivak, St. Paul

Dr. Spivak's TED Talk on "Why bees are dissappearing", June 2013