The Minnesota Honey Queen (MHQ) is the chief promoter of honey products and the beekeeping industry in Minnesota. It is a yearlong position, beginning with coronation at the Minnesota Honey Producers Association (MHPA) Summer Meeting and ending with the coronation of a new Queen at the same event one year later. When a young woman enters the MHQ competition, it is an affirmation of her commitment of time and effort to the position of MHQ.

The MHQ chairperson is Liz Schroeder. There are guidelines that are meant to serve as a rule-of-thumb as to what is expected by both the Honey Queen and the Minnesota Honey Queen Program. The MHQ program is under the direction of the Minnesota Honey Producers Association. The program is governed by the Minnesota Honey Queen Program Chairperson.

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Minnesota Honey Queen for 2017

Ms. Sarah Doroff

Sarah is the daughter of Roger and Rita Doroff. She was born and raised in Waite Park, MN and attended St. Cloud Apollo High School. Currently she is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire majoring in Sociology with a minor in Youth Development and Diversity. Sarah currently has 4 hives of her own and also helps her beekeeper father and three brothers. She enjoys volunteering at the beekeepers booth at the Benton County Fair and has assisted in teaching beginner beekeeping courses. Her hobbies include beekeeping, quilting, knitting, and reading. Sarah is being sponsored by the Tri-County Beekeepers Association

Sarah was crowned Minnesota Honey Queen at the Minnesota Honey Producers Association at the 2017 Summer Convention held in Walker, MN.

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Former MN Honey Queens

  • 2012 - Emily Campbell
  • 2008 - Allison (Hull) Anderson
  • 2006 - Kelly Tjepkes
  • 2001 - Maritina Carlson
  • 2000 - Chan da (Bordelon) Hassemer
  • 1999 - Angie (Olson) Lundeen
  • 1995 - Allyson (Nordwall) Ellingson
  • 1993 - Lisa (Terry) Moorhouse
  • 1992 - Carolyn Kochis
  • 1991 - Jennifer (Grissom) Beckerman
  • 1988 - Mary (Mauson) Hodson
  • 1986 - Lisa (Smith) Dreyer
  • 1985 - Chris (Madson) Warner
  • 1984 - Lori Brekke
  • 1983 - Jennifer (Riedel) Pauly, Queen
  • 1983 - Brenda (Berg) Johnson, Princess
  • 1982 - Perian (Norskov) Stavrum
  • 1981 - Kari (Olson) Boyce
  • 1980 - Mary Rumppe